Nick Read - PUDO announcement - August 2021

I have some important news to share with you. We have signed a new partnership with one of Europe’s best-known logistical carrier to expand our Pick-up and Drop-off services.

Please watch the video below to find out more (or read the transcript here). You'll find some FAQs further down the page.


Why isn’t DPD’s service available in all our branches?
Our initial 1,500 branches have been selected by DPD, in order to maximise their operational coverage and to ensure we can deploy in time for peak.

It’s important to take one step at a time with our deployment, to ensure we maintain the service our customers expect and to give our Postmasters and branch teams the opportunity to share their views and feedback on the roll-out. 

Will the partnership eventually expand beyond the 1,500 initially selected?
This is a significant long-term partnership and we will work with DPD to extend this service across more branches in the New Year.

Won’t this cause confusion for customers if only part of the network is offering the DPD PUDO service?
One reason we chose to start with Click and Collect is that customers are only able to select a collection location once they checkout on a retailer’s website. DPD will only provide their retail clients with those activated branches, effectively meaning clients can only choose somewhere the service is available.

Will we sell DPD products?
There are currently no plans to sell DPD products in branch.  

How much will branches be paid for this?
The remuneration rates will align with the MDA2 rates for the equivalent Royal Mail service plus a quarterly incentive scheme for achieving scanning targets. 

More detailed information will be included in a welcome pack that you will receive if you are in the roll out.

How are we communicating with the branches that are in the roll out?
To ensure that the branches are trained as close to the roll out as possible, we are communicating to branches that are in the trial about three weeks before roll out; this is via a call from the Area Manager who will explain the training and set up process.

The roll out will start from 23rd August. The first 300 branches will be ready by mid-September and the remainder will have rolled out by Christmas.

The communications will include a welcome letter, full training and instructions and support from the Area Manager. 

How are we supporting Postmasters and Branch teams in the roll out? 
We are providing:

  • Full training by Area Managers
  • Full training packs and welcome guides
  • Horizon online to be updated
  • BSC and IT Service Desk trained on PUDO queries and FAQs 
  • Videos to support the training