Social Media Toolkits

Why use social media? 3.9 billion people around the world use it and 83% of the UK population uses one or more social media channel. It’s a great – and free – way to communicate with your customers, get feedback to improve customer service, keep up with the latest trends in your sector, and build communities.

Top Tips

  1. Engage with your community – talk about local events to drive conversation, ask questions, create polls, respond to feedback – be interested in your audience and make it personal
  2. Use the power of visual: videos, graphics and images grab people’s attention and get the most engagement (just make sure the pictures are good quality and not just taken from Google!)
  3. About and Bio: Include a quick sentence about your business, contact info, opening hours, address and links to other channels/website
  4. Publish quality content consistently: is it relevant, helpful or entertaining? The best content combines all three and appears on feeds regularly
  5. And finally, double check before hitting enter. Make sure you’ve used clear language and not made any typos


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