March 2019

Below are social media posts that you can share with your online community to celebrate events or inform your customers about what’s coming up in March. You can either share the posts as they are or you can write your own messages.

If there’s an event or occasion missing that you would like to share a social media post for, please get in touch at 

Holi (21 March)
Connect with your community this week with the Hindu festival of Holi, which is also known as the “Festival of Colours”. Find out more about Holi here.

Option 1: Happy Holi to everyone celebrating. Looking for a gift? Ask in store about our One4All gift cards. #Holi2019 #POHoli


Option 2: Wishing everyone a wonderful day of celebration #Holi2019 #POHoli 

Mother’s Day (31 March)
Remind your online community about Mother’s Day this weekend. Mother’s Day also presents the opportunity to tell customers about the perfect last-minute gift – One4All gift cards.

Option 1: Don’t forget to send a card for Mother’s Day this weekend! Also, ask about our One4All gift cards – the ultimate gift of choice #MothersDay #POMD

Option 2: Happy Mother’s Day! Pop into your local Post Office to send a card #MothersDay #POMD

Option 3: It’s Mother’s Day this weekend – don’t forget to send a card! #MothersDay #POMD

Daylight Savings Time (31 March)
Make your social media page the place to go for all the latest events and information in your local community. Remind people that the clocks go back at midnight tonight so it’s one hour less in bed tonight.

Option 1: Don’t forget that the clocks go back one hour at midnight tonight #clocksgoforward #PODST

Option 2: We’ll be open from 9:00* tomorrow, but remember the clocks go back tonight!

(*insert your opening hours here)