February 2019

Here are some social media posts you can share to celebrate events or inform your customers about what’s coming up this month. You can either share the posts as they are (we've included a Facebook share button so you can post these directly to your page) or you can write your own messages.

If there’s an event or occasion missing that you would like to share a social media post for, please get in touch at one@postoffice.co.uk 

Chinese New Year (5 February)
5 February marks the beginning of a week of celebrations for Chinese New Year. Make your social media page the place to be for all the latest events in your community by celebrating online.

Option 1: 新年好 Wishing you great happiness and prosperity #ChineseNewYear #POCNY

Option 2: If you’re celebrating Chinese New Year this week, pop into your local Post Office to send a card, buy supplies #POCNY

Option 3: Wishing everyone celebrating Chinese New Year a wonderful time this year #ChineseNewYear #POCNY


Valentine’s Day (14 February)
Remind your online community about Valentine’s Day this week, because let’s face it, no one wants to receive an e-card for Valentine’s Day.

Option 1: It’s not too late to send a card to a loved one this Valentine’s Day #ValentinesDay #POVD

Option 2: Pop into your local Post Office to send a card #ValentinesDay #POVD

Option 3: Spending this Valentine’s Day apart? Send a card at your local Post Office #ValentinesDay #POVD

Fairtrade Fortnight (25 February)
It’s Fairtrade Fortnight from 25 February, so if your shop sells Fairtrade produce, this provides an opportunity to remind your online community to pop into branch and to explain about the benefits of choosing Fairtrade.

Option 1: We support Fairtrade – come in and try our [insert product name] #FairtradeFortnight #POFF

Option 2: Choosing Fairtrade makes a huge difference to thousands of people’s lives – pop into branch and discover what we’ve got on offer #FairtradeFortnight #POFF

Option 3: You could take a picture of any Fairtrade retail offering you have in your branch, and let customers know if you are putting on any offers to celebrate.

Use the hashtags #FairtradeFortnight and #POFF