Frequently Asked Questions

The nomination process for the self-nominated awards has now closed

Can I nominate my own branch?

Yes, you can.

Can I enter someone else?

Yes! We know the Post Office network is run by many entrepreneurial postmasters who as well as being small business owners, are a local partner to small business in their communities. If you know of a branch who fulfils the criteria of any of our self-nominated awards – get in touch!

What's the deadline for nominations.

It's midnight on Thursday 11 April.

How are the nominations judged?

All nominations will be assessed and passed to a panel of judges who will choose a winner who they feel has best demonstrated the criteria of the award.

When will I hear back about my nomination?

We will have finalised the shortlist in early May and send invitations to the awards then.

When is the award ceremony?

The award ceremony is on Saturday 22 June and will be held at The Vox in Birmingham. 

Why do you need my information?

We want to ensure that all entries have as complete information as possible and so we may want to contact you to ask a few supplementary questions (e.g. to support the entry or to clarify). When you complete the online form, you'll be asked for an email address which we will only use to contact you about your entry.