What can you expect from us

As a colleague at the Post Office, you are part of an organisation that is trusted by communities and consumers, which puts its people and customers first.


Together we have the opportunity to  write the next chapter of an iconic organisation with over 300 years of history. It will be challenging. We shape our future and each of us has the autonomy and responsibility to help create a business  we can all be part of and proud of.  

We care by always thinking customer

Customers must always be front and centre of our minds, whether that means a customer in branch, a retailer running a Post Office or an internal or external client: how can we get it right for them, whoever they are? Think customer means never assuming you know your customer, or accepting poor customer service. It means acting to bring the customer into the room, listening and learning from them, and watching the competition and the disruptions which are changing our world.

We celebrate great customer service, ensuring we all spend time in branch and service centres, meeting and listening to our customers, reviewing customer metrics and putting focus and priority on issues which will make a difference: and cutting out those which won’t.

We strive to make things ever better through honest challenge

Honest challenge means never settling – always pushing to make outcomes the best they can be. It means celebrating and learning from success, but recognising that we can also learn from it when things don’t go to plan. It means challenging ourselves and each other to drive out unnecessary complexity in our business so we are simpler to run for all who deal with us; to go the extra mile; to create an environment within which we can all be the very best we can be. And it means challenging in the right way – true to our values but driven by a passion to build the very best for the business.

We act to shine a light on success and failure, always learning. We will ask ourselves and others to continuously improve and to innovate, bringing the outside in so that we understand our markets and the competition, face up to challenge and seize opportunity.

We commit to decisive delivery

Decisive delivery means having a bias towards action: working at pace to drive the business forward, ensuring our focus is razor sharp and that we are engaged in activity adds value to our collective goals, and stopping work where it isn’t. It means focusing on the outcome, not getting lost in the the process, trusting our teams, knowing our numbers and taking risks where it is right to do so.

We reinforce these behaviours by cutting out unnecessary meetings and activity, actively trusting and delegating to teams, shining a light on good practice and performance and using email and new technology effectively to ensure that Post Office is not just a successful business but also a great place to work.