Talent and career progression

Our commitment to you: at the Post Office we believe that our people are in control of their own career development. We provide an environment where our people have the chance to learn, grow and thrive. And we expect our people to seize all the opportunities they can to develop themselves and others.

What we offer

Growing from within | We expect to see 50% of our senior roles filled by internal candidates.
Celebrating diversity | Our people need to reflect the diverse communities we serve. That’s why we proactively support underrepresented groups. Gender is our main focus and we expect to see 40% of senior manager roles filled by women by 2020. We also have lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT and disability network groups.
Recognising potential | We identify people who we consider to have high potential and prioritise their development.

Development programmes

Performance & Development Reviews (PDRs) provide colleagues with important feedback on their performance and the opportunity to discuss their development needs for the year ahead. The PDR process is in addition to regular 1:1s and feedback with line managers. This works both ways and we expect individuals to have a Personal Development Plan (PDP) on how they would like to develop themselves and their career and be the best they can possibly be.
Succession Planning for senior roles is reviewed with key stakeholders and HR on a quarterly basis. Succession planning focuses on identifying and growing talent to fill business critical positions in the future
Early Career Talent (ECT) Group HR manage ECT programmes (Graduate/Apprentices), supporting our people early in their careers with focused programmes to help them grow.

At Post Office we believe that everyone has the potential to grow and through releasing this potential, we will continue to build a high-performing and engaged workforce. It is for this reason that we are putting a greater focus on career development.

A career in Post Office is not just for people looking for promotions. A career is an individual’s journey through learning and work and is focused on individual aspirations. This may be about progression, but equally may be about continuing to do the current role to the highest standard possible.

Talent is identified at Post Office using both performance and potential assessments:

  • During performance assessment we ask line managers to review measurable achievements that outline past success.
  • In potential assessment we are asking line managers to review behaviours that predict future success. We are asking line managers to make judgement now, about the potential of individuals to progress through roles in Post Office.
  • Each business area is responsible for growing talent and building succession in their area using the toolkits and processes put in place centrally by the Engagement, Talent and Learning team.
  • Lead teams are encouraged to introduce and make available the offerings available to individuals and ensure that they are regularly discussing what they aspire to and what support they need in getting there.

To find out more about Talent and Career Progression at Post Office, contact
Bushra Ali (Engagement and Talent Manager) | bushra.ali@postoffice.co.uk - 07918194654

Early Career Talent

Graduates  | We welcome a number of graduates to Post Office every September on a two year graduate management programme. Graduates spend their first month on an in-depth induction where they spend time working in post office branches, supply chain depots and in customer support functions to gain an understanding of all the different areas of the business. For the remainder of the time, graduates rotate across business functions, carrying out three 6-month placements which enables them to develop a broad understanding of Post Office.

Apprentices | Apprenticeships are a great way of supporting new talent develop in their roles at Post Office. Apprentices at Post Office receive external training that is linked specifically to the job that they are brought into the business to do. This helps them gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles, achieve a recognised qualification at the end of their apprenticeship and earn at the same time. Apprentices can join the business at any time where a hiring manager has a suitable vacancy. The business will support the hiring manager in finding a suitable apprenticeship course, training organisation and in finding an apprentice. Apprenticeships not only benefit the apprentice themselves, but they are also a great way of building the skills we need for the future internally and creating a pipeline of future managers.

To find out more about Early Careers at Post Office, contact

Kelly Godden (Early Career Talent Manager) kelly.Godden@postoffice.co.uk - 07776 990003