Our social purpose

The Post Office is completely unique; a community minded, but commercial business with a deep sense of social purpose.

We’re committed to providing vital services to communities across the UK.  That means making sure that we maintain our 11,500 branches so that 99% of the population are never more than three miles from a Post Office.

To secure our social purpose, we pledge to

  • Remain the market leader in letters and parcels, grow in financial services and ensure essential services are accessible to all through a thriving branch network
  • Maintain ethical attitudes in our behaviours –building relationships based on trust, treating everybody with fairness and honesty
  • Invest in the organisation to secure the business for the future
  • Make a positive social and economic contribution to all of the communities in which we work
  • Listen with care to the views of customers, colleagues and others with an interest in the Post Office, and support their development