Listening and acting on ideas and concerns

Post Office people are brimming with ideas and enthusiasm. We want to make sure that everyone’s voices are heard and that all of our people have the freedom and opportunities to take new ideas forward.

We commit to

  • Listening to a colleague’s views and following them up where we can
  • Sharing information widely, early and often
  • Involving our people in developing solutions early, giving them the opportunity to inform and influence business decisions

What we offer

  • Frequent team meetings supported by monthly team talk material – these keep everyone up to date and give colleagues a chance to share their views, issues or concerns
  • Our annual colleague survey ‘Your Views Count’ and pulse surveys act as the start of an ongoing conversation with our colleagues throughout the year
  • Regular face to face sessions with leaders CEQs (Chief Executive questions)and GEQs (Group Executive questions) which give colleagues a chance to voice ideas and ask questions
  • A network of engagement champions representing the voices of colleagues from each part of our business, raising colleague concerns, issues and ideas. We support this network centrally and have quarterly best practice events where champions have the chance to pose questions to our leaders on behalf of their teams and learn more about championing engagement across the business
  • Our One website shares news from across our network, as well as blogs from our leaders and feature articles – colleagues can comment on articles and join groups
  • The Leadership 300 (L300) community is a network of Post Office leaders who are supported with monthly team talks and events to ensure they are getting the chance to ask questions, raise concerns and have regular business updates to share with their own teams

Employee Engagement Survey

The employee engagement survey is a regular checkpoint that helps us measure and understand what drives levels of employee engagement at Post Office. By completing the survey employees help to identify where improvements can be made which will have the biggest impact on working life and the business. The survey is a vital management tool that measures our impact as leaders on our people, and how effectively we are cascading our vision and goals. It gives our employees a voice and reinforces this direct line to our employees.

Engagement in Post Office is not about creating a separate engagement piece; it is critical that we embed engagement across the business as a vehicle to drive and sustain business performance.

This year our survey provider is Aon and the survey runs from 22 May till 16 June 2017- ensuring that colleagues are given enough time to complete their survey. We have introduced a new element this year which is Instant Insights. This is where employees, if they choose so, can view their own level of engagement after completing the survey. There is supporting text that follow this to give employees suggestions on actions they may want to consider and also what their level means to them and where it sits with the UK average.

The survey is simply a starting point; the results provide measurement of how engaged people are at a point in time. What you do with the results and what happens after will make the real difference.

The survey results will be ready for all managers and champions to view on our survey portal on 25 July 2017 and colleagues are encouraged to hold results meetings and complete action plans. It is essential for employees to own the results and the local engagement improvement plan- taking action and delivering on the commitments made. To strengthen the integrity of engagement it is imperative to have regular and consistent communications and ensuring team members are informed on progress-action or inaction.

Engagement Champions

Engagement champions play an imperative role in the organisations and currently we have 180 from different areas of the business. Champions help drive engagement in their own teams and one of the ways they do this is through promoting the annual employee survey. Champions are our direct communication channel that are empowered to challenge and raise any concerns. They are our advocates for the survey and actively encourage participation.

As an enabler of engagement, Champions are invited to quarterly events, regularly kept up to date with monthly newsletters and online tools like yammer and supported locally by their managers.

If you would like to become an Engagement champion or find out more information on the role please contact Bushra Ali | - 07918194654