Health, safety and wellbeing

Our commitment to you: we take your health, safety and wellbeing really seriously. That’s why we work hard to promote a positive wellbeing culture and provide a range of services to help all of our people stay mentally and physically healthy.

What we offer

  • Lifestyle online for colleagues and their families – to support our people to stay fit and healthy 
  • Monthly health and wellbeing campaigns, helping to raise awareness of what we offer and how our people can stay healthy
  • Health checks – a rolling programme using kiosks and mobile kit
  • HELP employee assistance programme for colleagues, partners and managers can provide advice and guidance on a variety of topics in full confidence
  • OH Assist Managers Portal provides advice and guidance for managing health and wellbeing
  • Occupational Health Referral Portal for managers to request support for their teams during difficult times
  • Training for colleagues to raise awareness on specific issues relating to health, safety and wellbeing
  • My HR provides expert advice and guidance for all managers on any HR related issue
  • Whistleblowing hotline Speak Up where our colleagues can raise concerns internally in confidence

Health & Wellbeing Resources available at:

Safety, Environment and Wellbeing resources available at: Safety & Wellbeing Intranet Page