First impressions count | induction

We know that great candidates are ready and raring to go as soon as they’ve accepted their job offer from us. That’s why we send our welcome communication out straight away,along with our code of business standards which outlines the standards of behaviour expected by everyone. Our more detailed policies are based on the principles outlined in this code.

We support our people managers to provide a warm welcome to new colleagues – from basic things like making sure that you have everything you need ready and waiting,so that you can get started. And ensuring that new colleagues are properly introduced to their new team, as well as telling them everything they need to know about their new role.

Line managers are in the best position to identify local induction needs and monitor, support and encourage the progress of new people. The managers’ guidance process outlines the role of the line manager in the induction process, how to prepare for a new starter’s arrival and contains a checklist of items to cover during the local department induction. New colleagues will receive a blended learning induction programme which develops the skills and knowledge required in their role. For example, Directly Managed Branch or Supply Chain colleagues attend local/regional induction training programmes. These induction programmes incorporate job specific, mandatory and regulatory information and knowledge which is essential for new colleagues joining these areas of the business.

Discovery Events
New managers properly get to know the business at our Discovery Event in their first month at the Post Office. It’s an interesting and interactive session which helps new managers to understand our history, structure, vision, strategy, values and internal systems.

People Management Fundamentals
Leadership is really important. We want to make sure our people are supported by great line managers. So, we have developed some learning modules, in line with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) that we’ll ask all people managers joining the business to complete, regardless of their previous experience.

All colleagues are required to complete compliance training, in context to their role.