Who are our Mails customers?

Who are our Mails customers?

As a business, we have an ambition to remain number one in letters and parcels. For hundreds of years, customers have been visiting branches for posting their everyday and important items, however, with the growing trend of small market place sellers and the rise of e-commerce, we are seeing a new type of customers entering our branches.

In this article, we start to explore the three core types of customers using our branches, and look at who they are and what they want from us.

Group 1: Social senders

  • Habitual or seasonal users
  • 78% of social senders prefer the face to face support
  • They use as because they trust our brand and find us to be reliable.
  • They seek advice and products that suit their needs

We are the only provider to offer purchase-over-the-counter as well as advice and expertise to get the service right for the customer. In a world where contacting a distant loved one happens via a tap of a phone screen, sending a letter can seem like a complicated process which is why a friendly face to offer help makes all the difference for this segment.

Group 2: Marketplace sellers

  • Higher volume and higher value customers
  • 60% of our label volume comes from marketplace sellers
  • In addition to trust and reliability of service, they want convenience
  • They are busy and want a VIP service and reward for loyalty

Marketplace sellers reputations and ratings are vital to the future of their business. Increasingly, customers trust other customers’ reviews to help them decide on making a purchase. They use us because they feel we can be relied on more than the competition to ensure their reputation is safeguarded
and trust us to get their valuable parcels safely to their customers. 

Running your own business comes with increased responsibilities and time is money. For these customers, dropping a parcel off quickly when and where is most convenient is key.

However, based on the variety of different needs sellers have; selling pottery vs selling a large costly canvas painting are two different things and the service they require differs too. A tailored customer experience is key so we must create a VIP experience for this segment or risk losing them.

Group 3: e-commerce customers (Click & Collect and Returns)

  • Our fastest growing segment by volume
  • Online shoppers in the UK make 80% of their retail purchases online – Royal Mail Delivery Matters
  • They have busy lifestyles and want speed and convenience
  • They want us to be open as per advertised opening hours

This group generally tend to be the younger demographic that consists more so of women than men places convenience above all and doesn’t care as much about where they go to return their shopping as long as its nearby and easy to use. In many cases a customer who returns items will also collect them from the same place so catering to both needs is important.

As the UK’s largest retail network we have inherited the volume of customers but increasingly competitors are closing in. We need get the basics right for every customer type.

Mails workshops continue

To support you ahead of the biggest trading period, every year our Sales and Development team hold workshops across the country. This year the workshops were open to over 9,000 branches, with 53 workshops taking place in September and October. This is an opportunity to learn more about what today’s customers want, how best to promote key services such as Drop & Go and learn about opportunities presented by Pre-paid and Local Collect and ultimately grow your income. Sign up now

Over the next few weeks, in the lead up to Christmas we will continue to look at these customers groups and interview branches to share best practice.