Travel Money Card best for Turkish holidays

Travel Money Card best for Turkish holidays

The value of the Turkish lira against the pound took a plunge and has spiked a rise in demand for holidays by bargain hunters. Yesterday (14 August) was our biggest ever day for Turkish card sales and top up both in branch and online. With unprecedented demand on cash, the Travel Money Card is the best option for customers asking for high volumes of currency.

Prepaid travel money cards are becoming ever more popular amongst holidaymakers due to the ease, convenience and safety they offer.

Here's five reminders of what makes the Travel Money Card so essential:

  1. Holidaymakers can load their holiday money in advance throughout the year and when the rates are best
  2. The card can be used abroad just as you would a debit card, with contactless available in millions of locations worldwide
  3. One card lets customers load and spend in 13 currencies, so they can take it away time and again
  4. As the card is not linked to a bank account, there is no risk of overspending and no non-sterling transaction charges
  5. Balances can be monitored on the go via the Post Office Travel App.

Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money said:

“We are currently have strong supplies of Turkish lira across the Post Office network. Also customers can of course choose to load currency onto their Post Office Travel Money Card, allowing them to lock in lira at current exchange rates to spend on future trips to Turkey.

“However, a small number of branches may be running low on stock due to the unprecedented demand. We expect to replenish stocks over the next 24 hours to those branches with limited stock and apologise if any customers have experienced delays when purchasing currency.”