'Tis the season for... getting finances in shape

'Tis the season for... getting finances in shape

The Mails season starts to slow down in January (though Returns continue to be popular due to January Sales and extended Returns policies set by Retailers) but a new year is often when people start to think about their financial goals and take steps to get their finances in shape to protect their future.

Key products and services customers want at this time of year include life insurance and savings.

But don’t just take our word for it.

According to ONS data on consumer trends there is high consumer spending between January to March on miscellaneous goods and services, and clothing and footwear. People spend less on restaurants and hotels and home maintenance/DIY.

Between January and March last year, Life insurance was the largest contributor to consumer spend growth.

This is now therefore a key time for buying life insurance so you’ll see lots of adverts from providers over the coming weeks.

Many financial services companies also start to share views on opinions on the best products out there to support customers. For example, here is some recently published advice by MoneyFacts, around Savings products.

Post Office is also running a special Savings prize draw for customers – click here to find out more!
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Boost your business 
To support branches this season, Regional Managers hold events and regular conference calls to help postmasters and branch teams to refresh their product knowledge. Get in touch with your Area Manager to find out what activity is taking place in your area.