“The whole experience was highly inefficient!”

“The whole experience was highly inefficient!”

We currently have the biggest market share in foreign exchange. Last week, we celebrated and shared feedback from customers who have had a positive experience in branch with their travel money needs, in our feature I love the Post Office Travel Money Card.

Travel is important to thousands of Postmasters’ businesses, with most of the yearly travel income coming from the current holiday peak season.

Learn from the negatives...
We don’t always get it right, experience varies from branch to branch and unfortunately we do lose customers. It’s important to learn from customers who feel haven’t been supported during their visit so this week we’re sharing negative comments from the past month.

Here are some of the things customers have said about our services.

  • “I was told by (counter staff name) that there is only one type of single trip travel insurance. INCORRECT! There are three types on your website. Economy, Standard & Premier. He asked me EIGHT TIMES for my mobile number. He did not seem to know his product knowledge. Your staff need to be TRAINED ON PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE!!!  The whole experience was highly INEFFICIENT!!!”
  • “Despite ordering the previous day and being advised by email the currency would be in stock. On arriving a lady sat behind the foreign currency window with a message board advising the point is closed. With a very miserable expression said nothing. The person at an adjacent till point asked how could they help. I gave them my order and then he communicated with the miserable lady and she transferred some money to him.

    I did not get asked what value notes I would like and he started to count out 1100euros in 20, 10 and 5's for everyone to see and hear. I asked if he had some larger denomination notes, to which he replied sternly, no, we can only give out what we have in stock.“
  • “Bad customer service being ignored at travel counter then they closed position after seeing me wait for 5 minutes then had to queue for counter”
  • “The publicised service was not available and I was made to feel that my visit was a gross inconvenience to staff.”

Most branches would of course never give service like this. All of the above customers may not use those branches again, or may avoid using Post Office at all in future and say so to family and friends.

But all of these situations seem easy to solve, with good customer service, a smile and travel refresher training, like the travel workshop training resources available here.

Going on holiday can be a stressful time but customers who feel positive about their visit feel Post Office has helped them get their travel sorted.

We are part of our customers’ holiday experience, helping them tick things like Travel money and Insurance off their list really helps. And if we can make sure all customers get the best service possible, so much so that they take time out to give us great feedback, we know we really have gone the Extra Mile.

You can view your own branch feedback using the Voice of the Customer programme, look for opportunities to improve - and celebrate the positive feedback from your local customers.