The story behind #ItsNeverJustPost

The story behind #ItsNeverJustPost

Did you know over a billion mail items are sent through the branch network each year? With the Christmas season now underway, we ask Annabel Dewar, Campaign Manager about this year's Christmas marketing campaign. 

Annabel, tell us about this year's campaign?
Millions of people will be getting ready for Christmas, wrapping presents and sending them off to loved ones near and far. And we've got some tough competition when it comes to the mails market. Customers (current and prospective!) have really been front of mind when we were developing the campaign. And this year we want to remind people that we are the most reliable and trusted mails retailer on the high street, and show that we understand that when you post something, be it a present or packet of screws, it’s important - if it matters to them, it matters to us.

Our ‘It’s Never Just Post’ campaign is rooted in story-telling and will help us connect with three key audiences; social senders, online returners and marketplace sellers in a really engaging and eye-catching way. But it’s also important that we deliver relevant product and service messages to the right audience at the right time, e.g. the benefits of our Drop & Go service or last posting dates.

Check out this campaign show-reel which tells you a little more! 

What are you most excited about in the campaign?
We have moved beyond a purely tactical communications approach to something that is genuinely distinctive and that connects emotionally with our audience. It’s a great way to build our brand. My favourite is the story about shameful Christmas wrapping ‘Box with too many corners’.

What lessons have we taken on from previous years?
After reviewing the results from campaigns of previous years we wanted to design our campaign with key learnings in mind. To begin with, we have a more focused and in-depth media strategy and we have partnered with a smaller number of key digital sites which we know will add more value to our work. Additionally, we have launched earlier than in previous years and the campaign is running well into January to promote the returns services.

Where can we expect to see the campaign?
The campaign is in branch and has already started to feature on radio, press and on social media. It will be supported by digital media, online and e-newsletter activities.

You might be wondering why we haven't published a TV advert in the way Marks and Spencer's, John Lewis etc have. TV is a great channel but there is so much competition around Christmas time that we would struggle. Instead, for this we have gone for a highly targeted approach with the likes of Ebay and Amazon whilst still maintain mass reach via press, radio etc.

We think our approach will help us achieve our aims and time will tell on how effective it has been. If you've seen or heard the campaign, get in touch as we'd love to know your thoughts! Send in your photos too! You can do this through the comments on this page.

Have we partnered with any retailers?
Yes! You'll also see aspects of our campaign on Amazon, the UK's biggest e-commerce platform which is great for targeting a ‘returns’ audience. EBay has been our other partner of choice because it’s the number one site for Marketplace sellers who are one of our other target audiences. Plus we’ve also used Tamebay (online community for marketplace sellers for the first time with highly relevant editorial content and ads promoting Drop & Go.

We'll keep you posted on the campaign progress and results!