Spotlight on cash and banking services

Spotlight on cash and banking services

How customers pay for products and services has seen dramatic changes over the years. Credit cards and Debit cards have been around for a while, but modern methods such as Contactless and ApplePay is shaking things up, making it faster for customers to make purchases. The role for cash is evolving too. 

As part of our business strategy, we have market ambitions to be the UK’s main provider of cash services.

In the coming days and weeks, we are launching in-branch and external marketing campaign to raise the profile of banking services available through Post Office. 

In the run up, and during the campaign, we will take a deeper look at all things cash and banking services. 

To get us started, in this video, we stop and reflect on consumer behaviours and attitudes around cash and payment options, and look at what’s happening across the industry.