Post Office travel app - what's new?

Post Office travel app - what's new?

In June, we launched the Post Office Travel app in line with our peak summer trading season.

Since then, we have accumulated over 100,000 downloads of the app, actively migrated roughly 18,000 customers and created a backlog of new feature requests. Now, we’re in a great position to deliver some new incentives to create a truly customer-centric offering. So, what have we been building?

Quick Top-Up

The Quick Top-Up facility will help customers do just that; top-up quickly. The new feature will allow customers to top-up right from their home screen. The feature shows pre-set values for top-ups beginning at £50. It’s a feature request we’ve had on numerous occasions and we’re responding to what our customers want.

Order Travel Money Card (TMC)

In response to further customer feedback we’re introducing the ability for customers to purchase a Travel Money Card via the app. We currently offer the capability for a customer to follow the web journey via the app, but the new feature will allow customers to do a full on boarding journey, enabling a more seamless customer experience.

Performance enhancements

We’ve also recently carried out some improvements to performance in the app. We’ve recently introduced the capability of splitting out different functionalities to improve the speed of loading. Essentially this means that key information will load quicker rather than waiting for all things to load in one go. Once the data has been fully loaded, the products are shown with the live information.

In addition to this, we have also made speed improvements within the app which means navigation between different screens happens a lot quicker – another direct response to customer feedback.

The Business Innovation team are continually building and brainstorming new ideas. Watch this space to find out more.