More fun in the sun – how to avoid busting your budget on holiday ‘rip offs’

More fun in the sun – how to avoid busting your budget on holiday ‘rip offs’

New research from Post Office Travel Money has revealed the ‘holiday rip-offs’ that could be responsible for almost seven-in-ten families busting their budgets on trips abroad by £159 each – 23%.

The top 10 holiday rip-offs include:

  1. Food and drink prices on airplanes
  2. High cost of excursions
  3. Transport costs
  4. Compulsory service charges on meal bills
  5. Charges for credit card cash withdrawals at ATMs and hotels
  6. Meal and drink prices in restaurants and bars
  7. Poor exchange rates at airports
  8. Transaction charges for using credit or debit cards in restaurants, shops and bars
  9. Waiters expecting tips in cash
  10. Kids’ beach extras e.g. buckets and spades, lilos

The research reveals that once abroad, one-in-five families got caught out by charges made for using their credit or debit card to withdraw cash at an ATM or hotel and one-in-seven were charged transaction fees for using their cards in shops, bars and restaurants - around 3.65m people were charged an average of £48.57 each in non-sterling transaction charges when paying on plastic.    

Post Office Travel Money’s Andrew Brown said: "Holidaymakers told us that charges added to credit and debit card payments are among the biggest concerns – especially as they only discovered them once they returned home and received their bank statements.  On future trips abroad, this can easily be avoided by using a travel money card loaded with holiday cash, which won’t incur transaction charges in shops and restaurants. 

“The key to saving money is to think back to those budget-breaking experiences on past holidays and take steps to avoid getting caught out again.  Do your homework between now and the school holidays and you could avoid overspending by hundreds of pounds when you get to your destination.”  

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