Key takeaways from our Holiday Money Report

Key takeaways from our Holiday Money Report

We’re the place to go for all things travel, so when January comes around and customers start thinking about their next getaway it’s the prime opportunity to talk to them about the trends we’re seeing in the market. Our Holiday Money Report, which was released last weekend, shared our key findings from 2018, as well as gave a forecast for what the market has in store for 2019. Here are some of our key findings from the report, which can be great talking points as customers start coming in to sort their travel needs for 2019.

On a budget? Not a problem

  • The good news for customers is that prices are plummeting by up to 21 per cent in almost half of resorts and cities surveyed for the Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer – with the biggest falls in Singapore and St Lucia
  • But Bulgaria, Turkey and the Algarve are rated best value among 42 destinations
  • And if they’re looking further afield, South Africa’s Cape Town overtakes Japan as the cheapest long haul option

And it’s looking good for the pound too

  • Despite continuing speculation about the negative impact of Brexit on the pound, the report found that 60 per cent of our top 40 currencies, including the Euro, are currently weaker than at Sterling’s low point in December 2008/January 2009.

The report, which was released to the press on Saturday, has already been featured in a number of news sites from This is Money, Business Insider and LadBible – reaching a more diverse audience and building our reputation as an expert in all things travel.

You can find more information on the holiday costs barometer here, and find more nuggets to wow your customers with as we enter holiday booking season.