Keeping an eye on the competition

Keeping an eye on the competition

As customers up and down the country send Christmas cards and gifts to loved ones around the world, December is the peak period for mails products across the UK. Mails has been a part of the Post Office since day one. It’s the service everyone knows we provide. But the market today is full of competition meaning customers have more choice than ever before.

Post Office and Royal Mail continue to be key players in the mails market, so a strong and close working relationship is vital to us maintaining our position in the market, but customers are still tempted by rival brands, who more often than not are offering a cheaper service.

But customers don’t always reap the rewards from this cheaper service!

On BBC programme Watchdog, they shared stories from customers around the country who have been let down my MyHermes – one of the principal players in the market. And with a quick search of #duffdeliveries on twitter, you’ll see more and more customers concerned with the quality of service they’ve received at the hands of the couriers.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business. And, together with Royal Mail, we are the most trusted, convenient and reliable service. And it’s not just us that thinks so.

Customer and marketplace seller Jason, from Jason’s Trains shared this video on LinkedIn comparing Post Office/Royal Mail against MyHermes.

 In the video below he talks about his experiences of sending parcels for his growing small business. Jason has sent over 700 parcels, some through the Post Office/Royal Mail, and others through MyHermes. In this video he compares both services.

Customer testimony about the quality of service they get from us is hugely important if we’re to continue to dominate in the mails market, and hearing stories such as the ones on BBC Watchdog is an important reminder to customers that we can offer them the highest quality service.

But we can’t be complacent. Keeping a close eye on the competition is an important part of running a successful business, and currently there are over 25 providers currently in the UK offering various type of mails services.

It’s crucial we continue to offer our customers the best possible service, coming up with faster, modern and innovative ways to serve them no matter what they’re sending.