Banking services: Our three point plan in action

Banking services: Our three point plan in action

You may have seen the news that high street bank Santander announced the closure of a further 140 branches this week, as they and other high street banks continue their programme of removing services from the high street. For us at the Post Office, bank closures are a great opportunity to bring thousands more customers into our branches, offering the chance to let them know the variety of products and services we can offer. But how do we maximise the opportunity and ensure that customers know they can still do their banking in a Post Office?

Here is our three point action plan to let customers know the Post Office is available for all of their banking needs.

Step 1.

The first a customer hears of their local bank branch closing will be from their bank. In the case of Santander, customers should have received a letter from them letting them of know the closure - and more importantly, that the service is still available at their local Post Office

Step 2.

Now it’s our turn to reach out. Branch managers should be in contact with the local closing bank branch to arrange how to promote the service to customers, and to identify and customers who may need specific help transitioning over to using a Post Office.

Step 3.

We’ve done lots of work with UK Finance to work out a way to raise awareness of our everyday banking services. The plan includes co-ordinated activities such as targeted media campaigns, local community events and enhanced support for vulnerable customers to ease the transition for customers and to raise awareness. We’ll be doing activities like this to make sure people are aware that just because their local Santander is closing, it doesn’t mean they’ve lost vital access to cash services!

There you have it – our three point action plan to respond to bank closures! Do you have a local Santander that’s closing nearby, or have you seen an uplift in customers since the banks have closed in your area? Let us know your stories as