A Marvel-ous opportunity

A Marvel-ous opportunity

This week Royal Mail announced that a new range of Marvel stamps will be available in Post Offices from 14 March. Some of Marvel’s best-loved characters including Spiderman, Hulk and Iron Man, as well as some newer characters are swapping the big screen for small stamps to mark the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics.

Here are three ways the Marvel stamps are sure to grab customer attention

1. The mass appeal of Marvel

Doubtless there’ll be a lot of interest from seasoned collectors but the stamps are sure to pique the interest of a whole range of customers - from those who are regular stamps collectors as well as those who just love the characters!

2. An eye catching display

The new illustrations by artist Alan Davis are, in a word, epic! And to help promote these super stamps we have got eye-catching posters, window vinyl and standees being sent to selected branches to make.

If you don’t have any point of sale material, try to display the stamps in a secure place where customers can see them!

3. Going viral

The stamps have already had lots of attention in the media, with articles in the Daily Mail, the Mirror and the Manchester Evening News. And on social media we’ve had great response too. Yesterday, we let our followers on Facebook know about the stamps and we’ve already reached over 37,000 potential customers and over 100 comments! 

Promoting the stamps through your own social media is a great way to make more customers aware of the stamps in branch and boost sales come 14 March.

Generations have been wowed by these timeless superheroes both in comic books and hugely successful movies for years, meaning customers of all ages are sure to be excited to get their hands on this collection.

Have you got ideas on how your branch will make the most of this opportunity? Post your ideas below or email one@postoffice.co.uk.