A good time for Life Protection

A good time for Life Protection

We are delighted to share some great promotions around the upcoming Life Protection awareness period starting 17 September 2018, where branches will be provided with a series of materials to support conversations with customers at a time of year which is traditionally strong for life protection. 

Here are the highlights: 

  • The Over 50s TV advert is back! The Over 50s Television advert will be aired between 17 September and 26 October.
  • We are re-introducing the £50 Argos gift card for Over 50s customers from 17 September 2018 to 30 November 2018.

    That means all customers are *eligible for a £50 gift card during this offer period. In addition, a £50 One4all gift card is available to all Term & Easy life customers.

    *Eligible customers will be sent their gift card with a covering letter within 28 days of the 90 day qualifying period having been reached.
  • We have developed a ‘Protecting is caring tool-kit’ covering everything that you need to know about Life Insurance and it’s available here.
  • Sue’s story is a fantastic colleague testimonial which highlights the importance of protecting customers in your communities. You can find Sue’s story here.
  • The most productive protection selling branches will be sent a Protection action pack which is packed with goodies and some key materials to help them position life protection conversations with customers.
  • Optional T-shirts. T-shirts can also be printed! Branch teams can order a t-shirt to support life protection conversations.


Terms & Conditions for the Over 50s Life Cover customer offer will be distributed prior to the start of the campaign.  The Life Insurance One4all offer is an always on promotion and customers can find terms and conditions at Postoffice.co.uk/life-insurance.