The Penny drops

The Penny drops

A Devon postmaster has devised a unique way of boosting business and giving back to the community.

Postmaster Stuart Rogers and wife Jackie donate 2p per customer transaction at the Post Office ATM of Ashburton branch to a local charity fund that benefits their community.

“We really want people to use the cashpoint and part of our ethos is that the branch should actively participate in the town, not just operate in it, which is where this idea came from,” said Stuart.

“It’s really taken off since we started the initiative and, while the pennies might not seem like much to each customer, they’ll really add up over time and make a difference to our community.”

The branch, which modernised this summer, is housed in the same location as the town’s library, making it a true hub for community services.

“We think the scheme is a UK first and it’s really gathering momentum,” said Stuart.

“It’s been a success so far, but we’re keen to enhance the project any way we can in the coming months.”