Post Office is going to Pride

Post Office is going to Pride

This year, for the first time, Post Office is taking part in Pride – the annual celebrations of the LGBT+ community which take place to reaffirm the equality, rights and dignity of the LGBT+ community. By taking part in Pride, we are not only supporting the LGBT+ community in the UK and beyond, but we are also supporting our colleagues throughout the business who are part of this rich and vibrant community.

As a nod to this, we have focused our attention to the areas where we have our support centres. We will be taking part in Pride in London and sponsoring Bolton and Chesterfield Prides and we would love to see as many people from across the business there.

Post Office is a unique business because we’re here for what matters, and we recognise that pride matters to our customers, to our communities and to our people. Take a look at our video which features colleagues explaining why #PrideMatters to them.

The Pride in London parade is on 7 July, Chesterfield Pride takes place on 22 July and Bolton Pride is on the weekend of the 21-23 September.

If you would like to know more about how you can get involved in Pride then please contact or fill out this form which gives you the opportunity to sign up to take part in the events.