New Gerrards Cross postmaster appears in Aladdin blockbuster

New Gerrards Cross postmaster appears in Aladdin blockbuster

Whilst our postmasters are incredibly hardworking and dedicated to giving the best service to their customers, a lot of them somehow manage to have weird and wonderful hobbies on the side!

Gerrards Cross Post Office customers may be excused for thinking that they have seen their new Postmaster Kamal Prabhakar somewhere before as he features in the new Aladdin blockbuster and he has also appeared in a growing number of Bollywood films. 

Kamal was previously a Postmaster at Canary Wharf branch before he decided to pursue other business opportunities and to make time for his love of acting and modelling.

In Aladdin he was thrilled to be cast as the Sultan’s Assistant and can be prominently seen in the film and got to work alongside the film’s top star Will Smith and the director and film co-writer Guy Ritchie. 

Filming took place at Sunningdale where a Royal Castle was created. Kamal was on set for a month last July and August and he can be seen in the film in around eight scenes. 

Kamal, said: “It was an amazing opportunity to be part of the film. I have got to know Will Smith well and we celebrated his 50th birthday whilst he was in Sunningdale – he was very kind, gentle and genuine. Guy Ritchie was a great person to work with too. The mock castle that was created was stunning.” 

Shortly after filming Aladdin, Kamal successfully applied to become the Postmaster at Gerrards Cross in Buckinghamshire, a role that he started in January. It was a golden opportunity to take on a shop with huge potential and to be in close proximity to Pinewood Studios where he hopes he will be able to pick up more acting roles or as an extra. 

Kamal who had a main part in the Born to be King film has also been involved in other Bollywood films including Karachi, Shandaar and Phir. 

Regular customers at Gerrards Cross Post Office are delighted with the improvements made since he took over at the start of the year. This includes extra staff to serve customers more quickly. 

Kamal said: “Gerrards Cross is a really nice area and the people are really nice too. I could see there was a lot of potential for the shop and our customers are really pleased with the improvements made. I am very excited about this new Post Office and shop.” 

The retail area has been refurbished and Kamal has introduced lots of new lines including fresh leaved tea as enjoyed by Harry and Meghan and their guests at their Royal wedding. 

He has also introduced a healthy corner with a wide variety of food as for customers who have dietary requirement or just want to ensure they eat more healthily.