Mohammed saves the day

Mohammed saves the day

Quick-thinking postmaster Mohammed Khan stepped in to stop an elderly customer being scammed out of thousands.

The customer at Salendine Nook branch in Huddersfield asked to send £2,300 by MoneyGram to BT in China, which raised Mohammed’s suspicions.

He asked the customer about it and realised the scammer was on the phone to the customer at that very moment.

“He had been told BT had sent him a £5,000 payment in error and he had to pay the money back in two instalments,” said Mohammed.

“You hear about scams all the time, but it really brings it home to you when you have one of your regular customers standing right in front of you experiencing it. The story just didn’t sound right, with a BT payment going to China, and because he was on a live call with the person I knew I had to do something there and then.

“I spoke to the man on the phone and persuaded the customer to contact his bank.

“It turned out he’d had his accounts hacked and some money transferred from his savings account into his current account so it looked like the amount supposedly from BT was there. So if he’d gone ahead with the transaction he would have been transferring his own money.

“I contacted the local paper as I wanted to raise awareness in my local community, but I really didn’t expect it to get so much coverage. I was in the paper two days running, and we sell papers in the shop so it was a shock when I was on the front page! It’s now had more than 800 likes on Facebook and I’ve had friend requests from far and wide.

“It’s all good publicity for the branch as – like postmasters up and down the country - it shows we really look out for our customers. I’m happy I could help and the customer has been in again to say thank you.”