An OUTstanding Achievement: Celebrating our people

An OUTstanding Achievement: Celebrating our people

Congratulations are in order to our Legal Director, Ben Foat, for being listed as a top 100 LGBT+ Executive on the OUTstanding and Financial Times annual list. This accolade is a testament to all the great work that Ben has done as a Stonewall Ambassador, LGBT+ mentor, charity work as well as a being a visible gay leader in his places of work.

We spoke to Ben to ask what being named a top LGBT+ leader means to him:
“I’m honoured to have this acknowledgement by FT and OUTstanding. I hope that colleagues and customers see this acknowledgment as evidence that you can bring your ‘true self’ into the Post Office as we are here to serve all communities across the UK, including the LGBT+ community. The outstanding work that Post Office’s LGBT+ network, PRISM, chaired by Ben Spencer –White and Annmarie Woodcraft, supported by Amber Kelly and Lauren Gallagher in the broader context D&I context, is testament to this.”

It’s vital to have visible LGBT+ leaders within the business to encourage all colleagues to bring their whole selves to work. Statistics show that that LGBT+ employees who are in the closet are 70% more likely to leave the company within the first three years. (FT, 2014) and 62% of Generation Y LGBT+ graduates who were out at university went back in the closet when they started their first job. (Human Rights Campaign, 2012).

We hope that Ben’s achievement will reassure people that they need not be held back or live in fear of discrimination because of their sexuality or gender and will truly illustrate that Post Office is a great place to work.

For more information about Prism, please visit our website or join the conversation on Yammer.