Watch: Why do we all need to innovate?

Watch: Why do we all need to innovate?

Necessity is the mother of invention

Did you know that Proctor & Gamble invented the soap opera to sell its soap? And that a Kodak engineer invented the digital camera in 1975 – but his bosses never let it see the light of day? Airbnb owns no property but it’s the biggest accommodation provider on the planet.

As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. And keeping an eye on the competition is key to success. We talked to two fresh-thinking delivery companies about how and why they’re innovating.

Here’s former Dragons’ Den contestant William Sachiti’s take on how Kar-go autonomous vehicles can make deliveries faster and cheaper for customers and retailers. And how such innovations can create new types of jobs.

Meanwhile, delivery technology provider Parcelly is putting control over delivery options back into the hands of their customers. And putting empty spaces in offices to good use. Here’s its CEO and founder, Sebastian Steinhauser.

These two companies, although still relatively small competitors, are a reminder of the need to innovate in our industry and keep up with customer demand.

We've seen the detriment it can cause if we don't. Just think of Netflix and Blockbuster, Uber and black cabs, airbnb and the whole hotel and hospitality industry. These smaller start-ups thrived and innovated, whilst traditional industries stagnated.

There are bright ideas out there waiting to be shared in every industry and in every part of what we do at Post Office. What’s yours? Only through the power of our people and their ideas can we succeed, so let us know in the comments.