This week in Retail: 19 July

This week in Retail: 19 July

Record Amazon Prime Day, summer trading and the rise of online shopping:  This week in retail

Amazon Prime Day 2019 breaks records and sees several firsts, the rise of online shopping is examined in a new report, and an encouraging start to summer trading – a look at some of the retail news stories of the past week.

Record-breaking Amazon Prime Day

Amazon’s two-day Prime Day extravaganza has come and gone, with a record number of Prime members buying more than 175 million items, beating Amazon’s combined Black Friday and Cyber Monday business. They also saw record sign-ups for their Prime service and a rise in grocery orders. Other online retailers also saw a boost to sales. Read more on

Retailers cautiously optimistic about summer… Though impulse buys see a decline

Convenience Week says retailers are reporting an encouraging start to summer trading, even though the UK hasn’t yet had a long period of hot weather like last year’s. Meanwhile, a declining proportion of young people shopping in convenience stores has contributed to a -4% fall in shoppers purchasing on impulse.

Will half of UK retail sales be online within 10 years?

Online shopping could more than double its share of the retail market by 2028, says a new report that looks at the appeal of online shopping and fast delivery, alongside traditional bricks and mortar retail. Read more in Charged Retail.

What does this mean for Post Office?

We need to continue to adapt to changing shopping habits of customers like the drop in impulse buys or upswing in purchases of summery groceries and quickly respond by making changes in store. The reports in retail trade press like Convenience Week and others are invaluable sources of information and are followed by many Postmasters.

Keeping up with the wider industry trends, combined with good sales data and knowing your own local customers, is cited time and again as a winning combination by retailers with Post Offices who win external awards for their retail excellence. We will continue sharing stories of award winning Postmasters and their tips for success, with their Post Office and their retail businesses.

The forecasts of the continuing rise of online shopping and where this may go in future years makes interesting reading. Back to the present day, we are already seeing the inexorable rise of parcels, both in collections and returns, especially with this year’s Amazon Prime Day breaking records as expected – and in a big way.

For a reminder of the opportunities this brings, as returns from unwanted Prime day purchases start coming back into branches, see our One story: Deals, discounts and delighted customers.