Supporting BBC Children in Need

Supporting BBC Children in Need

BBC Children in Need’s vision is that every child in the UK has a childhood which is safe, happy, secure, and allows them to reach their potential.

For many years, we at the Post Office have supported this fantastic cause, and this year we’ve been collecting old round pounds in our branches for BBC Children in Need.

The money we’ve been raising really does change lives:

  • £5 means an 11 year old boy with cerebral palsy can participate in a disability sports event, try new activities and share his enthusiasm and passion for sport with friends.
  • £15 means an 8 year old boy, whose brother died in a car accident, can complete a full course of bereavement counselling, to help him manage his emotions and return to his regular school routine.
  • £50 means a 10 year old deaf boy who struggles to communicate with his parents, can spend an afternoon enjoying new activities with other deaf children, learning new ways to feel understood, helping him reconnect with his family.
  • £1,500 will fund a drop-in service for the year for young LGBTQ people, where they can receive support around issues affecting their lives.

Want to do some fundraising in your branch or building?  There’s still time!  Here are some ideas to help:

  • Let’s get quizzical
    Pudsey's BBC pals have helped to pull together a video quiz fit for any big fundraiser. With presenters from the likes of BBC Sport, Children's, Music and more each hosting a round on their specialist subject, there really is something for everyone. Just get each player to pay a small donation to play and let the winning team take the pride!
  • The Pudsey Games
    Pick and mix from a range of activities and make them as big as you want; everything from sponsored tea-making to paper shot put and even swivel-chair racing.

For more information on BBC Children in Need, and how you can get involved, simply visit