Relationships and reputation in business

Relationships and reputation in business

There are many reasons why people choose to become marketplace sellers, ranging from wanting a creative outlet for a hobby, to being your own boss. One thing for sure is that there is a growing and thriving trend of marketplace sellers.

Marketplace sellers also often create a community around them, and they work hard to win trust, form relationships with their customers. They are small businesses who build their reputation and rely on positive ratings and recommendations to grow their business.

In the series of videos below, Emma from 'Stitch me Happy', Jason from Jason’s Trains and Hannah from 'Fairy Dusk' talk about the relationships that support their business. The videos are part of our external Online Business Builder campaign which will be shared across our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels. 


As marketplace sellers grow their businesses, their priorities change from concerns about postage and packing to safeguarding their reputation, which means reassuring customers about the level of service they can expect and pointing them towards the most secure methods of posting. Convenience remains the top priority in choosing where to do business, closely followed by reliability.

Being an online marketplace seller means that owners can make the most of opportunities not just in the UK but expand into international markets therefore grow its customer base, reach and sales. Christmas is a key trading period for online business sellers, providing huge opportunity to grow their income.

Mails workshops continue

Through our Mails workshops you can learn how best to promote key services such as Drop & Go and learn about opportunities presented by Pre-paid and Local Collect. The workshops run until the end of October and there’s still time to book your place.