Post Office research: Europe’s unsung cities

Post Office research: Europe’s unsung cities

Our Unsung Cities report has been featured in national and regional media such as The Daily Mail, The Mirror and The Telegraph – and The Herald in Scotland. Sharing our research with the media is another way we’re making sure Post Office stays front of mind for consumers looking to buy travel money in the next few weeks and supports our ambition to remain number 1 in Travel Money.

This research could also help you during your conversations with customers, whether they are looking to book their next holiday, or already planning a visit to one of the cities highlighted in the report.

The report reveals that people looking to bag a bargain break this Autumn could save up to 44% by visiting unsung cities across the continent. With two-in-five holidaymakers taking an overseas city break this year, research into internet search volumes for the Post Office Unsung Cities League not only suggests a growing appetite for cities off the well-beaten tourist track, but also finds them far cheaper than more established destinations such as Paris, Barcelona and Venice.

For this report, we researched 12 tourist items - including a range of drinks, an evening meal for two with wine, two nights’ three-star weekend accommodation in October, sightseeing and city transport. Belgrade come out lowest at £149 – 12 per cent cheaper than Krakow.

Share these top unsung city breaks with customers yet to book their holidays.

  1. Belgrade
  2. Bucharest
  3. Porto
  4. Bratislava
  5. Ljubljana
  6. Valencia
  7. Toulouse
  8. Verona
  9. Hamburg

Andrew Brown, Post Office Travel Money said: “City breaks are continuing to prove more popular than any other holiday sector, but don’t get caught out. Our research reveals just how dramatically prices vary across Europe, so holidaymakers need to be careful to do their homework before booking and budget accordingly.  As Europe’s lesser-known capitals and second cities start to invest in tourism, now is the time to consider switching to a city that is likely to be cheaper than long-established favourites.   

“In Eastern Europe there are several historic capitals - led by Belgrade, Bucharest and Bratislava - that can rival Krakow, Prague and Budapest on both price and sights.  In the West, Porto is a great alternative to Lisbon while cities like Valencia, Verona and Toulouse are cheaper options than city break favourites like Barcelona, Venice and Paris.”  

You can view the full research here