Our key customers this Christmas: Returns customers

Our key customers this Christmas: Returns customers

November is drawing in, Christmas is just around the corner and our Christmas marketing campaign is in full swing! We’re looking at our three customer groups this Christmas and exploring how we’re talking to them and what the opportunity is this festive period.

We all know that Christmas is our peak time for mails, with 30% of our mails income being delivered in the month of December. Talking to our mails customers in a way that matters to them in the lead up to Christmas is vital to our success – and our Christmas campaign has done just that.

This year, our Mails Christmas marketing has taken an integrated approach using both online and in branch to target three key customer groups. We’ve used social media and digital channels to engage with our audiences and tell them our story. Then in-branch we have used more direct service messages at the point of sale: telling each group that they can trust us to send their items because we know, more than anyone else, that it’s never just post.

Here we take a look at our Returns customers

Who are they?

It’s easy to think of these customers as younger people, however the growth in this market proves that our returns customers are becoming more and more diverse. The one thing that unites them all though is their desire for speed and security when sending items back. They generally see their trip as a chore, but equally want to be safe in the knowledge their parcel will reach its destination and their money will make it back into their bank.

What do we want to tell them?

This market is becoming all the more saturated, with Hermes, DPD, Doddle, Collect Plus and more offering a service. So we want to make sure we stay top of mind for these customers when they’re shopping online. Ease is the crucial factor rather than price so we need to promote how easy it is for customers to send parcels back at the Post Office.

How are we telling them?

As with all of our customers, we’ve used in-branch posters and our website to drive awareness but the best place to talk to these customers is on the pages they’re shopping. This year we’ve advertised on key sites like eBay and Amazon to grab customers’ attention at their point of buying. This naturally keeps us front of mind when they’re returning any of the items.

What’s the opportunity?

The returns market is booming, and with days like Black Friday occurring just before Christmas, it’s even bigger throughout December. The opportunity here is around is making sure these customers come to the Post Office for every return. Unlike social senders, returns customers are likely to return items multiple times a year and they aren’t loyal to the brand. So making sure the service is one they want is key in making sure they come back to us again and again.

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