Our key customers this Christmas: Marketplace Sellers

Our key customers this Christmas: Marketplace Sellers

November is drawing in, Christmas is just around the corner and our Christmas marketing campaign is in full swing! We’re looking at our three customer groups this Christmas and exploring how we’re talking to them and what the opportunity is this festive period.

We all know that Christmas is our peak time for mails, with 30% of our mails income being delivered in the month of December. Talking to our mails customers in a way that matters to them in the lead up to Christmas is vital to our success – and our Christmas campaign has done just that.

This year, our Mails Christmas marketing has taken an integrated approach using both online and in-branch to target three key customer groups. We’ve used social media and digital channels to engage with our audiences and tell them our story. Then in branch we have used more direct service messages at the point of sale: telling each group that they can trust us to send their items because we know, more than anyone else, that it’s never just post.

Here we take a look at our marketplace sellers

Who are they?

These customers are business people, using the Post Office as a crucial part of their enterprise to distribute their items across the world. They’re generally using websites like eBay, Etsy and Facebook Marketplace to reach their customers, and have their own websites, meaning they’re used to seamless and easy-to-use online journeys. Generally they send en masse, but this doesn’t negate how important each parcel is to them. If we don’t get this bit right, they lose out on more than money – their brand loses out and their customers will go elsewhere.

What do we want to tell them?

78% of marketplace sellers already use the Post Office to send their items to their customers and we’ve already been talking to them a lot over the last few months. You might have seen our videos on social media which during the campaign reached 459,652 small business owners. The content has focused on highlighting the many ways that Post Office is a partner to their business success while also sharing relatable tips and advice to our ‘medium seller’ target audience. This Christmas we’ve wanted to tell them more and more about products that make sure their customers are happy. Pushing products like Drop & Go is a key part of this, as well as making sure we’re front of mind when they’re sending items elsewhere.

How are we telling them?

We’ve been talking to these customers on social media for a while as we’ve explored the stories of three very different online sellers, giving an authentic look at their experiences, sharing relevant tips with peers and highlighting the many ways that Post Office is a partner to their business. Now we’ve created a Christmas edit on Facebook which features all three of our sellers explaining how they are preparing for their busiest time of year. This clip also featured on the 'Drop & Go' pages on our website too.

Building on this, in-branch and online we’ve also been telling our marketplace sellers about 'Drop & Go' and sharing just how we can make this busy time of year as easy as possible for them and their customers.

What’s the opportunity?

As we mentioned, 78% of marketplace sellers already use the Post Office to send their products, so many of them are seasoned Post Office goers. But just like Post Office, these customers are also facing their busiest time of year so we have to make sure we can maximise their time and make it as easy for them to send their products as possible whilst maintaining the very best service.

Find out about our other customer groups in the mails markets as we look at our Social Senders and Returns Customers and show how we’re maximising the opportunity this Christmas.