Our Christmas stories in the retail press

Our Christmas stories in the retail press

Christmas is well known for being a busy time in the world of retail, and the Post Office is no different. In the run up to Christmas, Post Office's have had great coverage in retail newspapers. Here are just a couple of examples of how our postmasters are telling their Christmas stories over the festive period.

Post Office customers spend money in the shop

In December, Retail News magazine featured a three page story titled ‘Ready for the rush’, a profile of Portland Express convenience shop, run by Anamika Patel who recently added a new Post Office branch to her store.

It included an in-depth interview with Anamika about how she was preparing for her first Christmas with a Post Office.

In the article she revealed that 50% of her customers who come in for Post Office products and services will then go on to spend money in her shop – and she is expecting footfall to double in the Christmas period. 

The article also spoke about other aspects of her retail business, such as crime prevention, customer service tips and how she competes with, and yet has a good relationship with neighbouring shops including the Tesco Express next door.

You can see a copy of the full article here, or on the Retail News site.

Five tips for a great Post Office Christmas

Another feature in Retail News in early December gave five top tips for getting ready for Christmas, based on research carried out by Post Office as well as advice from postmasters.

There’s demand from the retail trade press for content like this and the Post Office press team was more than happy to supply it, as it’s a win-win situation all round. Postmasters share their expertise and take on board the latest advice, it helps us tell our story and support our aim of being the partner of choice for retailers - and ultimately, our customers benefit from the great service. The tips were:

1. Convert those new customers
2. Attracting younger customers
3. ‘Tis the season to be jolly!
4. Getting prepared for Christmas
5. Now you’re the local bank…

You can see the full tips here.

Benefits of running a Post Office

This is just a snapshot of how we’re getting the message out to retailers across the country about the benefits a post office can bring. Stories in the retail trade press matter because they’re of interest to businesses who already have a post office, but also reach those who might consider it in future.

Retail press stories help recruit new postmasters and add to the ongoing, growing trend of retailers and postmasters sharing great expertise and ideas and winning regional and national industry awards that recognise their success.