Keeping Customers at the Heart of Your Business

Keeping Customers at the Heart of Your Business

It’s no secret we’re living in a world of constant change – living in a hyper connected and digital age opens up huge possibilities for society as we can democratise information, connect isolated individuals and find efficient solutions to age old problems. But aside from these humanitarian benefits, technology is also proving to be the biggest disruptor of consumer habits seen in recent years. So, how can retailers keep on top of an ever evolving customer base who have ever evolving technology at their fingertips?

After looking at the key customer trends for retailers to contend with, we’ve created these four top tips for how to attract and retain customers in 2018. We’re pretty sure you’ve read these all before, but a regular reminder helps focus on the things that matter to customers.

Experience is everything

With 87% of British consumers buying at least one product online in the last 12 months, the in store experience has to excel in order to attract customers to the high street. It’s certainly true that customer service is everything in maintaining a loyal customer base and having an instore journey that mimics your online one is key. This is also true for social media – if you have a social media profile make sure your tone and image is consistent! It’ll make all the difference when attracting customers through your doors.

Show them you care

With more and more people becoming aware of the social impact of their shopping decisions, it’s becoming vital for retailers and brands to be reflective of the conscience of their shoppers. From coffee shops offering discounts to those using their own cups, or supermarkets donating food to homeless shelters – people want to interact with retailers with similar values of their own. So whether it’s trying to reduce your carbon footprint, or supporting a local charity, you can make a real connection to your customers through providing a social good to your community.

Use the Voice of Authority

Unlike generations of customers previously, modern consumers are citing their peers and friends as the voices they trust, rather than celebrities, politicians or other traditional influencers. This means that they’re unlikely to engage with you just because a powerful figure supports you. Using your customers as endorsers is a great way of gaining support in your local community. This can be as simple as asking for a review on TripAdvisor or a like on your Facebook page! Getting regular people to support and endorse you means that you’re more likely to attract customers.

Make your mark, and make it count!

Now more than ever, customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding who to shop with. But all these options mean that retailers have to work twice as hard to get their voices heard. So when you get your facetime with your customers use it wisely make sure you’re able to offer the best service to your customers. This is doubly true on social media! It’s said that the modern social media user has an attention span of 8 seconds – this means you have a limited time to reach potential customers online.

Whether you’re a small convenience store in a village or a multi-national company with branches worldwide, the evolving expectations of customers is a hot topic to address. Have you spotted any changes in consumer behaviour? Let us know in the comments.