Helping customers discover your branch

Helping customers discover your branch

We’re helping to put Post Office on the map by improving how easy it is for customers to find your branches in internet searches.

Using search engines like Google to find out everything we need to know is so much part of our everyday lives now, that the term ‘googling’ has even entered the language. A big growth area is improving data quality on location-based searches – this is when you use your mobile to find what you need nearby.

If potential customers are looking for the Post Office and can find their nearest branch easily, you can increase your business as they’re likely to buy products and services when they get there.  

A recent search improvement project by Post Office’s Digital & Innovation team means that whenever a customer searches for Post Office in their region, their local branches should now appear. As part of this, we’re creating a dedicated webpage for each branch, so Google can more easily find pages to show in search results.

We now have over 11,400 unique webpages of individual branch locations, which Google and other search engines are able to access directly. As a result, there have already been more than 19.6 million ‘Post Office near me’ and location-based search searches to locate branches, as well as over 900,000 clicks on individual branch pages to find out more.

Post Office now ranks in first position for web searches from users’ current locations and always appears in positions 1-3 when customers want to find ‘Post Offices branches near me’.

Post Office’s Senior Search Engine Optimisation Manager Turgay Akar said: “People now expect their search results to be automatically relevant to their location through their devices. ‘Near me’ searches have been rising since 2017 and continue to grow – which means Post Office needs to continually adapt to advances in search technology, so customers looking for your branches are able to find them easily.

“By achieving greater visibility of the products and services we offer by type, we’ll be able to get our customers to nearby Post Office branches when they search for things like travel money, ATMs, personal banking, and send and return parcels. We also plan to update the Branch Finder on our website, so it’s optimised for mobile where location-based searches are most likely to start.”