Getting social with customers

Getting social with customers

Social media is increasingly becoming an essential part of people's day. With millions of users globally, it’s the place for people to share thoughts, pictures and videos.

We are finding that the way businesses and customers interact with each other has dramatically changed.

Customers now demand a level of speed, convenience and transparency and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook provide a very public place and the sort of easy access to organisations that modern consumers crave. So it’s no surprise that social media is fast-becoming an essential component of customer service.

At the Post Office, we have a Social media team based at our Chesterfield site ready to respond to any comments or feedback customers post on social media.

Over the Christmas period, more people talk to us on social media to share their experiences. In the lead up to the biggest trading period, we will start to share some of the customer posts we see – it’s important to share both the positive and negative experiences so we can learn from these. Branches can also review their Voice of Customer data to celebrate what is working well, and where improvements are required. 

Here are some of the latest posts from customers sharing their experiences on Twitter.

Two examples of excellent customer care:

Two examples of customer care that we need to improve on: