Four reasons our Airbnb partnership is great for business

Four reasons our Airbnb partnership is great for business

Last Saturday we published our Top 10 Holiday Hotlist for 2019, partnering with global hospitality leader Airbnb to showcase some unique examples of accommodation available in each destination to fire up the imagination.  

For those of you who might be unsure, Airbnb is a peer-to-peer homestay network, worth an estimated $38 billion, where people find accommodation across the globe in the form of residential properties at a cost set by the owner of the property. Anyone can be a guest or a host which is why this is such a successful business model that has disrupted the hospitality industry.  

Here are four reasons our Airbnb partnership is great for boosting our travel credentials! 

Raising our profile with younger customers 

The average age of an Airbnb user is 35 years old and roughly 60% of all guests who have ever booked on Airbnb are millennials (18 -35 years old). A study conducted by JFK in 2016 found that travel is deeply important to millennials who are looking for an experience that is adventurous, local and personal when they travel. Therefore, connecting our brand to Airbnb means that we are opening the conversation with young customers by becoming relevant to what they love. 

Letting new customers know about our travel products 

We can open the conversation about Airbnb with customers and what their experience has been which offers a great opportunity to talk about our travel products that can give that extra peace of mind. At the same time, international visitors being hosted in our local community are potential new customers that would benefit from our travel product range. 

Boosting the local economy 

The average Airbnb guest spends £147 per day in the UK. 43% of this is spent in the neighbourhoods in which they stay. As a supporter of local communities partnering with Airbnb goes hand in hand with our social purpose. Travellers from across the world seeking authentic local experiences are no longer limited to staying in B&B and hotels which means that remote rural areas with natural beauty and cobble-stoned streets have become accessible. Does your local community host on Airbnb? 

Building our credibility as a modern brand 

A modern brand understands the needs of the younger generation or is a young brand itself like Airbnb; a peer economy business that came to life thanks to new digital platform technology. The Post Office is a modern brand with a history and this means that joining forces with industry leaders that didn’t exist eleven years ago and have created a global paradigm shift in their industry is important in ensuring that we are forward-looking and have a rightful place in a fast-changing marketplace.  

You can find more information about Airbnb on their website and take a look at the Top 10 Holiday Hotlist 2019 here if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Maybe you will find inspiration for your next holiday destination!