Drop & Go: top tips to deliver a great service

Drop & Go: top tips to deliver a great service

Over the last few weeks we've been focusing on marketplace sellers and the types of customers who could benefit from services such as Drop & Go.

Here we take a look at the different ways postmasters across the country provide these important services in their branches.

Top tips for Drop & Go:

It's about personal relationships

• "I’m just a customer person. I’ve always been customer centric, customer orientated, and now I’ve been here a while I’ve been accepted into the village, if you know what I mean?  I, kind of, know everybody that comes in. I just enjoy serving my customers and talking to them.”

For others it's about being organised and reliable

• “We just process our parcels as and when we get time as well so the customer doesn’t have to stay in the queue.  We have a back office where we process the transactions so we don’t interrupt our normal front office counters who we normally use to sell to the customers.”

There are some who go the extra mile

• “We just get on with it.  We always guarantee that our Drop & Go will leave that day. So, even if it means going down to one person on the till, Drop & Go takes priority, because at the end of the day they’re our bread and butter.”

• “One customer uses drop and go once a month and does 400 items in one day. I know it’s coming because she’ll text me and say. She’ll let me know on the Monday, so it gives me time to sort some staffing out for it. It’s always around about between 400 and 450 packages on one day in the month. So, the office is bedlam and they’re everywhere.”

Rewarding loyalty

• "All my big Drop & Go customers I give a Christmas hamper to, as a thank you, and that helps loyalty. They very much appreciate it. It’s nearly all stuff from the shop anyway (...) I tend to tailor it to the individual Drop & Go as well.” 

One thing in common through all examples is that communication is key - it's what helps attract, retain and keeps customers loyal.

The Christmas season is big business for Marketplace sellers, many of who will be visiting Post Office branches this Christmas. But these customers are busy people – time is precious and speed and quality of service is key.

Try these ideas in your branch to support your Marketplace sellers, or let us know what you are doing in your branch to support this important customer group.