A diverse organisation is a successful one

A diverse organisation is a successful one

The business case for diversity has been proven time and time again as businesses have invested in ensuring they have a workforce that is representative of all nationalities, sexualities, abilities and creeds. Here at Post Office, we’re no different.

We know that we are only as powerful as the people we have working for us and so we ensure we take the time to celebrate our differences and to learn more about the backgrounds of others. This isn’t just important from an employee perspective though, understanding the value in difference is vital if we are to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Last week, we held our latest Diversity and Inclusion event at Finsbury Dials where we asked experts to share with us their experiences and expertise in a variety of fields. This kind of information is invaluable whoever you are so we thought we’d share Professor Amanda Kirkby’s slides on Neuro Diversity to help us all build better relationships with our colleagues and our customers.

Dr Amanda Kirkby is a professor in Developmental Disorders and a GP who worked in adult psychiatry for 8 years. She delivers training on Stress Management to GPs, Dentists, Lawyers and other employers and is a PhD researcher in Learning Difficulties in the workplace and effects on Mental Health.

In her slides she discusses neurodiversity more broadly, before going on to discuss the strengths and challenges of people who have conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and others.

Download the slides

Post Office is an organisation that is here for everyone and so understanding the diverse nature of people only makes us stronger. Through learning about the conditions such as the ones discussed above can only make us better for customers and for our people, truly demonstrating that the Post Office is here for what matters.