Why is supporting vulnerable customers important to you?

Why is supporting vulnerable customers important to you?

Postmasters support thousands of customers a week across the UK and for many their local branch will be their lifeline. We speak to the Postmaster of Moreton branch, (Merseyside) Pamela O’Neil, about how she and her team support their customers.

What does great customer service mean to you?

Treating each customer fairly and politely, and greeting them as if you were greeting a friend. Send them out with a smile even if they didn’t bring one with them.

Give us an example of how you support customers?

Top Tips

  1. Always think that it might be you or someone you know, put yourself in that space.
  2. Always smile and be friendly.
  3. Always give them time to transact, don’t rush them because the person in the queue behind is hopping from foot to foot.

The balance on one of our most vulnerable customer’s accounts was diminishing at a far greater rate than ever before, so we contacted the manager of the sheltered housing. They launched an investigation and discovered that somebody was coercing him to draw large amounts from his account.

Post Offices are at the heart of communities across the UK. How else do you get involved locally?

We have a collection box for the local hospice and for the Christmas Lights fund for our town.

Why is supporting vulnerable customers important to you?

Because I don’t like to see people being taken advantage of, whether vulnerable or not, and you never know when it might be one of your loved ones in that situation and you would hope that people would treat them fairly.

How do you make your branch a welcoming space for all customers?

We are friendly and welcoming to all customers, but we make sure we offer extra support when needed. For example we might greet a blind customer at the door then a member of staff walks and chats with them. I also did a basic course in BSL (British Sign Language) so that I can use basic greetings with a regular customer who is deaf. 

Coming soon

Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at more of the work being done by Postmasters to support customers in branch and providing resources and tips from experts. And you can read about the commercial benefits of supporting vulnerable customers here.

Let us know how you support customers in your branch. Sign in and leave a comment or email one@postoffice.co.uk  

And if you have any suggestions about how Post Office can better assist vulnerable customers please email Mo at the Vulnerable Customer Action Group team Mohammed.kamaly@postoffice.co.uk