When inspiration hits

When inspiration hits

Sometimes the very best ideas are the simplest ones. And that’s something that the team at our DMB in Nottingham have shown with their airport themed day to promote the branch’s travel and retail range.

Retail specialist, Julie explained: "The main inspiration for this day was to do something different from our usual in branch sales days. It seemed a good idea to promote the retail coins at the same time as the Aviation coin had just been released and the travel products were all being sold at a very good discounted price."

Bernadette, the branch Travel Specialist added: “It was great fun, we dressed up as cabin crew members - complete with Pilots Lapels’ and ‘Emirates’ style outfits and also decorated the inside and outside of the branch. Just by the entrance we set up a table and handed out leaflets to customers passing by to introduce the Travel insurance 15% off promotion as well as promoting the Multi Currency Card. It was great as customers went inside to get an immediate quote."

Assistant Manager, Francine was incredibly pleased by the team effort. She said "It was a fantastic day, with lots of strong conversations with customers, which resulted in achieving our travel money target for the week.

“Conversations also led to a whole range of other opportunities to raise awareness about our products and services.

“One customer came in to collect a coin and spoke to Retail specialist Julie about how they were about to order 10oz Queens Beast Scottish Coin from Royal Mint. Julie let the customer know this was something our branch can help with – and secured a sale – her biggest sale yet! I am so very pleased for Julie, who works incredibly hard at building relationships with her customers."

Dressing up attracted new customers too.

Francine added: “While promoting Travel products, Bernadette and Julie were approached by a couple who were heading to EE to sign up to their Broadband. They ended up having a chat with our Homephone specialist and we’ve booked an appointment to find out more about our services.”

The team plan to hold another event later in the year.

Thank you to Francine and her team for acting on such a great idea and helping to grow Post Office financial services!

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