The most valuable services in a convenience store are...

The most valuable services in a convenience store are...

The Local Shop report published on 10 September by the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) reveals the role of Post Offices in the UK, and provides a comprehensive picture of the convenience sector.

With the majority of Post Office branches in a convenience store, this is an important and relevant report for anyone running a branch. Read the full report here including details on how store owners are changing, adapting and developing their stores to stay head of competition and delivering great customer service.

Some highlights from this year’s report includes:

  • 46,388 convenience stores across the UK – a small increase from last year which shows strength and growth of the sector
  • Post Offices and convenience stores are top two services that have a positive impact on a local area – we have maintained this position for a few years so it’s a great testament to the service branches provide to their customers and communities
  • Consumers think that the most valuable services offered in their convenience store are cash machine, Post Office and click and collect services – our branches provide all three services making it even more convenient for customers, furthermore click and collect is a growth area for us
  • Independent convenience stores have invested approx £7,000 in their businesses – retailers have improved their stores, extended the range of services available to customers and made their businesses more efficient
  • 26% of convenience store customers visit their local shop every day – shopping locally with friendly retailers is winning customers over.

Let us know your thoughts – does the report reflect your experience of running a convenience store and Post Office? Log in and let us know your views in the comments below.

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