Spotlight on IAA finalists – Staff development: Cloughoge Post Office and convenience store

Spotlight on IAA finalists – Staff development: Cloughoge Post Office and convenience store

Talented team creates eye-catching displays

While we wait for the results of the Independent Achievers Academy awards, we take a closer look at some of the 12 retailers with a Post Office who are through to the finals.

Cloughoge’s Mulkerns Eurospar convenience store & Post Office is through to the finals of the Independent Achievers Academy (IAA awards) in two categories – store display and staff development.

Employee Donna McNulty has a flair for art and design and store owner Terry Mulkerns gave her the opportunity to use that talent to create eye-catching displays, including for Halloween and Christmas.

Store manager Thomas McGuinness comes up with themes and Donna creates stunning displays that impress customers as soon as they walk through the door.

A decorative flowers section, beautifully laid out fresh produce, artistic chalk board signs and promotional displays changed every three weeks, have helped the store to reach the finals of the IAA awards. The off-licence section has also previously won display awards.

Staff development makes people feel valued

Staff development is also crucial for Cloughoge’s Mulkerns Eurospar. There are 110 staff employed at the store in full-time and part-time roles. All staff have a review to discuss training needs and development opportunities. There is an in store trainer to focus on specific areas including customer service and hygiene. There is also a staff mentoring service.

Owner Terry Mulkerns, said: “We want to bring out the best people. People may start with us doing one job, then they may express interest in moving to another department or to use their skills, for instance staff creativity or someone who is good with numbers moving into the Post Office section to do cashing up.

“We want people to feel valued and to have job satisfaction. We want to retain our staff and develop them, to give them new opportunities. It makes economic sense as it costs money to find the right staff. We have very low turnover of staff, because we treat our people with respect, so they want to stay with us.”