Spotlight on IAA finalists – Digital Engagement: Blantyre Family Shopper & Post Office

Spotlight on IAA finalists – Digital Engagement: Blantyre Family Shopper & Post Office

While we wait for the results of the Independent Achievers Academy awards, we take a closer look at some of the 12 retailers with a Post Office who are through to the finals.

High Blantyre’s Family Shopper and Post Office is through to the finals of the Independent Achievers Academy (IAA awards). The winners will be announced at the IAA gala dinner in London on 22 November.

The family-run store and Post Office, which moved to the Family Shopper store in August 2016, has reached the final in two categories – Digital Engagement and Retail Innovation.

Digital engagement

Mo Razzaq and his son Nein have been busy developing a Privilege scheme for shoppers and making greater use of social media. Customers signed up for the privilege scheme get special member deals and early bird alerts for sale items. They use a computer package called Darius to personalise the offers, based on information customers give when signing up.

These targeted offers have really helped to increase spend in the store. Someone without a Privilege card spends on average £7.99, but someone with that card spends £12.99 on average, as they are incentivised by the loyalty offers.

Mr Mo Razzaq, said: “Customers really appreciate these targeted special offers as they are for items that they are interested in and they save money. The number of customers who have signed up for our Privilege scheme is increasing week by week. Around 12 per cent of our customers are fully making the most of the offers.

Retail innovation

Postmaster Mo Razzaq is also showing retail innovation, by introducing a one-hour home delivery service, unlike most supermarkets which only offer next day delivery at the earliest.

Mr Razzaq said, “There are lots of people who want home delivery – they may be elderly or ill or have a houseful of children and they don’t want to have to get all the children ready to go out, or people may be really busy with work.

“Not all my customers want to pay by card, some prefer to pay by cash as they can then better budget their money and they are not tempted to spend beyond their means. Some don’t trust credit cards and prefer to just use cash.”

Four extra staff have been employed at the store to be able to offer the delivery service. The supermarket now employs 35 people.

Mr Razzaq adds, “At Family Shopper, we believe in looking after our customers and everyone around us, we pride ourselves in working closely with the community, charities and local businesses. We put our shoppers first and are always looking to add value to their daily life, by delivering the best bargains every day.”

Congratulations to Mo Razzaq and the team at High Blantyre on getting through to the finals - and good luck!