Saving customers from scams

Saving customers from scams

Over the past few weeks we’ve been looking at a core customer group, vulnerable customers. From finding out how well you know your customers, to what the commercial benefits to your business could be, we’ve taken a look at the different ways Post Office can support all its customers.

This week we speak to Jessica Silcock at Kings Road Post Office in Northern Ireland to find out more about her experiences and top tips. 

What does great customer service mean to you?

To me it means making customers feel welcome in our branch. Making sure we can meet their needs to the best of our ability. Ensuring we have a good understanding of the products and services or who to contact to give the customer the answers or service they require. Approaching every customer in a friendly manner and always asking if there is anything more we can do for them while they are in our branch.

Tell us about a time either you or a colleague went the extra mile to support a customer.

We had a regular customer come in and ask to send a MoneyGram. The customer was with a newer member of staff but knowing the customer I immediately noticed this was an unusual request.

I went out to the customer and asked to have a word with her away from the counter about the MoneyGram service and asked her why she was sending the money. I then realised she had a bit of paper that had prompts on what to say if she was asked questions.

Through further questioning I was able to detect the customer was being blackmailed into sending money to someone who had contacted her over the phone claiming to be from Microsoft. While the customer was with me the scammers rung her again asking for the MoneyGram reference.

They told the customer that they knew where she lived and threatened to be at her door if she didn’t send the money to them. I called the police and contacted Grapevine, and was able to prevent the customer from sending the MoneyGram. The police got in touch with the customer and made her aware of how to protect herself from scams in the future.

Why is supporting vulnerable customers important to you?

Supporting vulnerable customers is important to me as they are often targeted by scams. It’s important to understand how we can be aware of unusual activity and how we can protect each other.

How do you make your branch an inclusive and welcoming space for all customers?

By making the store bright and aisles clear for customers to get through the store. We also ensure that there is clear signage throughout the store and that staff are always on hand to help.

What are your top 3 tips for other postmasters?

  1. To have a friendly manner with all customers
  2. Having knowledgeable staff
  3. Communicate clearly with customers