Overton Road: Awards inspire our team

Overton Road: Awards inspire our team

We asked Zahid Mukhtar, postmaster for Overton Road Post Office, Kirkaldy, what applying for the award has meant to him. They are through to the finals in two categories in the Scottish Grocer Awards 2019, taking place on 7 March at the Hilton in Glasgow.

Zahid will be attending the ceremony with his wife. His colleague Lorraine Black, who manages the Overton Road Post Office and has been with the team for over 11 years, will also be attending with her partner.

Finalist – Post Office Retailer of the Year and Licensed Retailer of the Year

Overton Road Post Office has had an in store bakery for 10 years, with food to go and filled wraps that are popular with locals for breakfasts and lunch. Their impressive range of alcoholic beverages attracts customers from all over Scotland; at times they’ve had bottles on display ranging from £20 up to £20,000 per bottle!

Awards are great for team building

Zahid said, “I’ve worked in retail all my life and seen many changes in the industry, which I’ve embraced and grown with. I’ve always been the sort of person who doesn’t apply for awards, I stay under the radar. But we always work hard on our standards and customer service and recently, when one of my suppliers said entering for awards is good for team building, I decided to apply.”

He added, “I employ quite a few people across two branches, some have worked with me for up to 19 years. So, I haven’t done this for myself, it’s more a way to reward and motivate all of our staff. I put in applications for both Overton Road and Ballingry branch. Although only Overton Road got through and had a chance to chat with the judges, applying gave both teams great ideas on how to improve displays and sharpen up. And as some staff work across both branches, they have continued to share the expertise.”

Zahid’s 3 tips

  1. Customer service is hugely important, talk to your customers as much as possible.
  2. Keeping up on your retail standards and having great in store displays is key.
  3. Entering awards can be great for team building - it has been for us.

Post Office Manager Lorraine Black added, “We are all really proud that we are through to the final; myself and all my girls. We take pride in our job.”

Zahid ended by saying, “We’re over the moon about being finalists. It feels like we’ll have a little holiday from the hustle and bustle. We’re really glad we entered now, it’s been such a boost for the whole team.”

Best of luck!